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No more manually trading for each client

One Smart Fund. Multiple Clients. Automated.

we know it's tedious...

When on-boarding new clients and managing existing client accounts, there is a list of manual tasks when deploying capital to the market…
  • Determine what stock to buy/sell
  • Identify which clients accounts should buy/sell stock
  • Calculate how much of their money can be used for the/a new purchase
  • Execute the trade
  • Allocate the shares

...and this is just for one client...

With Bob, all that monotonous work is automated and this is how:

Our Smart Funds automates models powered by some of the best asset managers in the industry from one Smart Fund.

With predefined Smart Funds in our Marketplace, you can select the Smart Fund of choice, add clients with their trading budget and Bob will automatically allocate and trade the underlying models on your behalf.

smart funds

A Smart Fund automates model(s) provided by a variety of asset managers. Our A.I. technology allows Bob to perform all trading and allocations for each model, without taking custody of clients monies.

We have models ranging from Motif’s Thematic motifs and OptionsPlay cover called models to BlackRock’s moderate, aggressive, or conservative models.

What other RIA's say about Bob

Bob, has revolutionized my practice. With Bob I am now able to automate my entire practice. This has saved me countless hours and with the extra time I am able to grow my practice while spending more time with my family.
Mario J Payne, CFP®
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