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A Social Impact Technology Company

We exist to create measurable and sustainable social impact

Our Mission

Bob Technologies provide marginalized communities the mechanisms to build wealth through financial education, inspiring trust and comfort with investing, and cultivating an ownership mentality. Join us on a journey where financial education becomes your stepping stone to lasting success.

Who We Are

At Bob Technologies, we dream of a future where wealth creation is not the privilege of a few but rather the right of all. We are steadfast in our commitment to cultivating opportunities that empower underprivileged communities with the necessary tools, education, financial resources, and self-belief to thrive with an ownership mentality.

Creating sustainable and measurable social impact through corporate investment strategies

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The Bob Social Impact Program

What does the Social Impact Program Do?

Offers an opportunity for Corporations to ignite their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Our Social Impact Program will run alongside any corporate DEI program.

Main Goals of the Program:


Provide hardship scholarships to low and moderate income juniors, seniors, and graduate students

High Conversions

Increase the number of low and moderate income people’s participation in stock ownership

Building Strategic Partnerships

We build strategic partnerships to deliver sustaining social impact by working with Corporations, Universities, and Foundations.

Leveraging Strategic Networks

Through our networks we have direct access to diverse communities, allowing us to deliver meaningful and measurable social impact.

Corporations often struggle with identifying measurable social impact opportunities in marginalized communities. Universities experience students often being disrupted by financial insecurities. The Bob Social Impact Portal aims to solve both issues by creating a central network to bring Corporations, Communities, and Universities together to remove those financial barriers and create a measurable long term sustainable financial social impact.

For Corporations & Foundations

A central network for Corporations and Foundations to create hardship scholarships at the universities and colleges of their choice


Empowers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion corporate strategies to scale in an innovative way


Creates a targeted diversified workforce pipeline for internships and permanent employment

For Universities

A central network for Universities and Colleges to submit low moderate income juniors and seniors with a balance for an opportunity to receive funding to clear their balance.

Increase Graduation Rates

Increase graduation rates by offering financial stimulus for juniors, seniors, and graduate students

Scholarship Programs

Access to the bob social impact scholarship program

Our Current Social Impact Partners