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Meet the Let Bob Founder & CEO, Anthony Buchanan.

Our founder and CEO, Anthony Buchanan, is a skilled software developer, systems architect, and serial entrepreneur. Anthony founded Let Bob, LLC to solve a challenge: how to make investing inclusive, accessible, and safe for Black Americans and other marginalized communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a financial technology company created to change black finance and ownership by removing the barrier of stock selection and money management required by other trading brokerages.

Our founder lost his hard-earned money while learning to trade the stock market and it taught him how very dangerous trading can be. Eventually, he learned the most important part of trading was timing his trades.Technology gives him the opportunity to share his learnings and help others as they trade the stock market. Bob is an expression of that. It allows him to give Bob users the gift of timing a trade.

Let Bob has a double meaning. First, B-O-B stands for “Black-owned business.” And the second meaning is a wink to the finance and technology industries, where Bob is a common name. Our founder felt that it would be familiar, trustworthy and identifiable. Bob works on your behalf. I developed it to remove the worry often associated with investing — “Let Bob do it!”

Bob is a robo advisor that cares about your feelings and your money. He collects information about your investment skills, how much risk you think you can handle, and what stocks might work best for you. Once he has that information, he couples it with the money you deposited into your Bob brokerage account and carefully buys and sells individual stocks one by one over time automatically. Eventually you will own a bucket of stocks all selected and managed by Bob for you!

Additionally, Bob works with you to select and buy/sell your own stocks using his capabilities to guide you in the process. 

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