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What is Bob?
Bob is the first Robo Advisory that cares about your feelings and your money. Bob uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to trade for you or assist you in trading in the stock market yourself, while encouraging you along the way.

Requirements for participating

  • Looking for novice and knowledgeable traders with a mobile device.
  • Must connect a bank account for funding.
  • Users may be asked to participate in focus groups and provide feedback on app features.

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App Features

  • Simple Set-up: Fund your account with $100 or more, and Bob will take care of the rest.
  • Guided Investments: Use Bob to assist you in buying and selling the stocks you desire to own.

Benefits of using the App

  • Use Bob's AI technology to do the trading for you and protect you from stock market risks.
  • You can finally own stocks without the risk of losing all your money because Bob has your back.
  • Let Bob guide you through buying and selling stocks you want to own.


Email april@letbob.com for any questions.