Our mission is to provide efficient & effective automation for the purpose of client asset allocation & management.

Less manual tasks. More time for clients.

You can automate your practice with our Smart Funds

A Smart Fund has two main features; allocation and automated trading.
The Smart Fund allocation feature is driven by Bob A.I., which determines each client’s investment budget per trade which is based on the total investment provided by the advisor. 
Coupled with the automated trading, an investment model(s) provided by some of the industry’s top Asset Management firms, Bob spreads each clients investment across multiple models and automatically performs the trades.
In addition, Bob will automatically rebalance and reinvest clients profits.

No new tool, just yours – simpler.

Once you have chosen or created a Smart Fund for your clients participation, you can simply monitor your clients accounts in the same way you do currently. No new analytics tools to use, continue business as usual with Bob doing the grunt work.


Choose a Smart Fund

No matter how many clients, choose a model provided by the Asset Manager from the Bob Smart Fund Marketplace


Add clients &
their overall budget

Our automation updates your client accounts when Asset Managers report model changes


Publish the Smart Fund

The Smart Fund places the trades and allocates for you.

This flow is set and monitored,
our automation updates your client accounts when the model changes.

Our trusted partner

You should not have to scan clients balances and positions every trade.
Sophisticated trading strategies, are finally automated.